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Segoflats was created by university students just like you. We recognised the difficulty of looking for an apartment in a city where finding any type of information regarding options and availability is nigh impossible, and decided to fix it. Instead of relying on blisteringly expensive – or unprofessional – real estate agencies, we wanted to provide university students with a better option. This option is based on the three founding pillars on which Segoflats was, and continues to be, built and improved:

Since day one, we at Segoflats have recognized the importance of transparency in the rental market. If prices and availability are not transparent, then you – the consumer – have no idea whether you are paying an appropriate price for a certain apartment. We guarantee that all our apartments are listed at the price set by the landlord, with no exceptions. Therefore, you have the opportunity to compare every apartment in a respective city based on price and quality.

Our commitment to transparency is supported directly by our quality assurance. At Segoflats we feel responsible for your comfort and safety in any of the apartments you rent through our platform. Therefore, we have stringent quality standards, which must be satisfied by every apartment we list. We do this not only to make sure that Segoflats has the best available student accommodation in any respective city. We do it because we have been students too, and we believe that it is not necessary to live in a small, dirty apartment for the duration of your studies. We believe you deserve better.

This leads to the final pillar, which we believe make us a unique platform. We are completely student orientated. This means that our platform and business has been built since day one with university students in mind. As students ourselves, we are able to directly experience the problems that university students face, and respond to them as well and effectively as possible. This mindset also keeps us in constant discussion with students, on ways to improve our service to you, the student. This can be in the form of improvement to the website, the way we communicate with our customers, or even the services we provide. If you have any such feedback, we would love to hear it – please feel free to contact us directly.